4 Phrases Salespeople Torture Us With

4 Phrases Salespeople Torture Us With

This week’s discussion is very special as we’re holding an intervention. It’s time we finally provide help for someone who is very dear to us and obviously unwilling to admit that they have a serious problem. It’s the salespeople in our life.

I encourage you to gather their family, friends, coworkers and even pets as it’s time we have a sit down to make them aware that their words hurt and cause us pain.

We may reason that they’re just words, though in reality their words cause agony, burning our eardrums with their overused and cheesy phrases.  We need to convey that their words have a powerful impact on others and it’s time to stop abusing our ears.

Let’s consider 4 overused phrases and help salespeople see the error of their verbal ways:

(1)  New Logos: At first you’re probably wondering why they don’t simply contact their marketing department if they’re looking for a new logo. This phrase is especially torturous as they’re actually trying to say they’re going after business with companies their organization hasn’t sold to yet.

(2)  Drink the Kool-Aid: This one is both disappointing and annoying! Once you realize there won’t be any refreshing Crazy Berry beverage provided, the disappointment quickly turns to anger. Drink the Kool-Aid is referring to being brainwashed which is much less fun than Kool-Aid Man breaking down the conference room wall to bring refreshment to all.

(3) Touch Base: Initially thoughts of being at a ballpark come to mind, a runner leading off first base and quickly dashing back until your summer filled daydream is brought to a screeching halt when it becomes clear the salesperson means they’re going to contact you. They’re a salesperson, that’s their job!

(4)  Multitasking: This phrase is excessively used and especially painful to hear. It basically means the salesperson is doing 2 or 3 things poorly at once instead of one thing well. Wouldn’t you rather deal with someone who is focused instead of an individual who is scattered and does several things badly?

In Conclusion: I will be multitasking this afternoon, so I’ll touch base with you and see if you plan to drink the Kool-Aid and become one of my new logos!


11 thoughts on “4 Phrases Salespeople Torture Us With

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  2. All the replies are very funny! I think all the phrases in the article and comments would apply to any company and not just the sales group. “Just thinking out of the box” :–)

  3. Oh for heavens sake they are just words ! Everyone says things that everyone else finds annoying. This post is just a childish and not very original attempt to have a go at Sales People. Go away and think of something positive to write about.

    I am going off to sell stuff

    Business Development Manager

    1. I agree. Salespeople are lovable, not mean. They try to say things their prospects want to hear. If one is bothered by the way a salesperson talks, he should learn effective and powerful communication techniques. With these techniques, salespeople listen.

  4. How about: Is now a good time to talk? Or: are you busy now, should I call back later (no sales person should EVER ask the second question).

  5. Okay, I apologize for having said ‘The reason I’m reaching out to you right now is…..’

    But, moving forward, I’ll stop using that one as I get on the bus and drink the Kool-Aid while I proactively shift my paradigms into a more synergistic mind-space so that I can improve buy in from my target demographic.


  6. And then there is “moving forward” and “at the end of the day”………..both are really annoying and certainly show a lack of vocabulary.


  7. I can think of a million more that bother me much worse than these. What about “it is what it is”. That is like saying, “I have nothing more to add to this conversation but for some reason I am compelled to say SOMETHING” or “yeah, I just did something that you would get fired for but I’m expecting you to be okay with it because I’m your boss”.

  8. 21Feb12…..and let’s NOT forget the old one-liner ‘am I disturbing you?’.

    This drives potential customers ‘up the wall’……pwm

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