4 Business Phrases Sure To Get You Fired!

4 Business Phrases Sure To Get You Fired!

In the past we’ve tackled the controversial subjects of  ‘4 Business Clichés to Avoid’ & ‘4 Business Phrases That Should Be Outlawed‘.  Sadly, our fellow business people still haven’t learned their lesson and it’s time we take a much stronger stance!

As children we’re taught the fact that words have real meaning and can hurt, cutting deep within us. In the business world careless phrases are thrown around freely. It’s time we hold our dear business people accountable for the pain they cause.

So while our previous articles may be considered a ‘timeout’ or even ‘detention,’ both corrective measures to help our beloved business friends adjust their verbal course, it’s time we make it clear that certain phrases are unacceptable and that there is no excuse for flagrant violation of our eardrums.


(1)  It Is What It Is: So what exactly is it? The phrase is basically saying that the situation is out of our control. Why not simply say it’s beyond our control? On one occasion my ears were violated by a grammatically challenged individual who took it to the next level with ‘It was what it was.’ Grounds for instant dismissal!

(2)  I Hear You: I would hope so, I’m speaking plenty loud! This slippery phrase is telling someone you acknowledge what they’re saying and you don’t agree with them or are unable to offer any meaningful response. What color comes to mind? Pink…..slip.

(3)  Game Changer: We often hear it’s a game changer! If you’re playing baseball, perhaps pitching to a batter, you begin to raise your glove and are about to release the ball when the batter notices a football is coming towards home plate. That’s a true game changer. In business every new product or service is touted as a game changer. It’s simply not the case. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Not you anymore.

(4)  You Know: If I know then why are you telling me? This phrase has become a filler to replace the wild and crazy idea of finishing your thought clearly and not just speaking to hear yourself talk. Downsizing time…

All of these phrases should be removed from our vocabulary as they grate on the very nerves of our fellow business people. If you continue to use them you may put your very career at risk!

So in conclusion: ‘I hear you, it is what it is, a real game changer – you know!’

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9 thoughts on “4 Business Phrases Sure To Get You Fired!

  1. I hear all of these phrases where I’m employed. These fill phrases are; I’ve noticed, are from old employees, and those who do not have a clue of what they’re jobs entail. Once you get comfortable or don’t care about your job, complancy is next…. well move over and let me take charge!!!!

  2. This is confusing because a company I worked for management used these phrases frequently – very confusing!

  3. Another phrase I hate and should result in instant dismissal is ”TO BE HONEST WITH YOU” usaully a sign there fibbing. Your Sacked lying c—

  4. I disagree – but would be happy to add the fifth phrase – the over-exaggerated title itself

    1. Another phrase “oh well” – this leads to a misinterpretation of not really listening to the speaker and do not care attitude.

  5. What a good suggestion,
    i got difficult in number 1. Because it’s hard to say out control. They say u must control it. Life is chalenge

  6. How true it is. The one that always gets me is #2; what this tells me is that ‘it went in one ear and out the other’ and ‘I really don’t care about your position or what you said.’ There are plenty more that should be a basis for dismissal as well.

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