Boardroom or “BORED” Room?

Boardroom or “BORED” Room?

As you enter the boardroom to conduct an internal meeting or a customer presentation your goal is to be amazing. You have self-confidence, strong knowledge of your topic and a presentation worthy of the opening act at the Grammy’s, or so you think.  Many salespeople forget a key aspect of presenting – their audience. The audience or customer experience, even their perception is going to determine the ultimate success or failure of your presentation.

We want to keep in mind it’s a boardroom and it shouldn’t become a “bored” room.

So then, how can we make sure we captivate our audience, get our message across and present at an elite level?

The first thing to give attention to is our PowerPoint presentation. Our slides should carry our key points, though never be overwhelming. Our goal isn’t to have our listeners convinced they can pick Waldo out of the slides. An effective page will have a couple of images and a maximum of two or three points. The salesperson should be able to expand upon the points. Too much information loses your audience and has them thinking about picking up their dry cleaning, walking their dog or where their bottled water was produced.

Secondly, while we want to have a witty and informative presentation we should avoid using phrases we find cute and catchy, though may be overused and irritating to our listeners. A few examples include; ‘think outside of the box,’ ‘synergy,’ ‘from the get-go,’ ‘I feel your pain’ and ‘raise the bar.’

An excellent method to engage your group is to ask rhetorical questions to stimulate their mental involvement. We can make the presentation interactive by asking the crowd a few key questions to keep them involved and focused on the presentation. It’s best to save all audience questions for the conclusion of the presentation to make sure you stay on topic. Our goal should be to conduct a lively and reasonably interactive discussion.

So the next time you enter the stage of the conference room you can go in confidently. While you may not be Katy Perry, Adele or The Bieb you can still wow your audience rather than have them humming “Eenie Meenie”.

-å lightsut company 


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