Baby Bump or Productivity Jump?

Baby Bump or Productivity Jump?

I recently read a comment on LinkedIn saying “It doesn’t matter if Beyoncé is really pregnant.” This seems like an earthshattering concept, though really it’s a basic truth. While we could spend countless hours pondering the immeasurable value a little Jay-Z could bring the planet, is it really going to increase our productivity?

We have a tremendous amount of information forced upon us like waves in an agitated sea. Our mind can only process so much of what we read and listen to. It’s our responsibility to retain what’s important and filter out nonessentials.

Every business person wants to be focused, well informed and at the very top of their game.  In order to do so, we must prioritize what we take in and spend our time on. The first place to examine is our routine.  We may feel we have a solid schedule and have had a measure of success from our activities. Could we become more productive and a vibrant business force to be reckoned with?

Here’s a Sampling of Ways to Be More Productive:

(1)    Identify What’s Important & Make It Your Focus

(2)    Eliminate Time, Mind & Energy Wasters

(3)    Learn Something New Every Day Related To Your Business

(4)    Engage In Live (Non-Electronic) Human Interaction

(5)    Set Your Smartphone To Silent

Overall we spend our time on what’s most important to us individually. As the information age increases its attacks to captivate our minds, we must be selective so we’re not inadvertently distracted from our goals and limiting our own success.

The next time you’re tempted to click on that mindless celebrity story about Lindsay Lohan, Justin Bieber or the Kardashian sisters, forget New York and get into a Business State of Mind.

   -å lightsut company 


3 thoughts on “Baby Bump or Productivity Jump?

  1. What??? She’s pregnant?!!? Wow!
    Yeah, I agree…from gossip to news to mindless video games…we do better to study on what we are driven for than for the dribble that surrounds us.

  2. Instead of wasting time we should set goals and their corresponding measures and targets. And then — define the project initiatives that will allow us to achieve those targets.

    It’s a simple process that gives amazing results but the execution takes discipline.

  3. I agree, I tend to stay away from anything Hollywood even on non work days! I feel the news on celebrities tends to not only be useless information but negative news written with unethical investigative practices. Those activities and that type of news is just as bad for you as it is for the celebrities. call it karma if you want. The negative effect on your life from participating in that junk is the loss of useful time and the influence of being a judgmental and gossipy person.

    Mike Capone
    Producer of Audio and Video
    Indie Fair Studios
    Londonderry, NH

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