Business Partner Solutions Consultant

Business Partner Solutions Consultant 

Have you observed the massive fluff projected via business titles of late? Some titles used years back are now considered outdated or even demeaning. The change in the culture of titles and monikers has become entertaining, even outlandishly comical.

When selecting an accurately descriptive title for one of our primary services I set the goal of keeping it simple yet telling. In a sense I was horrified that the final outcome resulted in a four word caption.

The winning verbiage is Business Partner Solutions Consultant. It’s a mere 34 letters of insightful text. I like it because it has real meaning.  The first two words screams who our services will benefit – Business Partners. As a technology consulting company, our sales and marketing consulting is geared toward technology Business Partners.

In the Telecommunications field the vast majority of the major players (Alcatel-Lucent, ShoreTel, Avaya, Cisco & Siemens) do a large portion of their system sales through Business Partners rather than direct. If you wonder how many Business Partners for major manufacturers exist in your area simply issue an RFP and you’ll get to know quickly.

As we progress through the wording of the title we next focus on the third word – Solutions. Initially you may think “Aren’t they the ones providing the solutions?” Interestingly while many of these organizations are savvy when it comes to system configuration, pricing and deployment, they do not market themselves at an elite level. This is to their detriment as the competition is great in the industry and you need to stand out and distinctly differentiate yourself to be clearly seen and loudly heard.

So we approach the final ten letters of our tag. You’ll notice it’s the largest word of the four – Consultant. It’s a key word because a consultant gives professional or expert advice. While many Business Partners spend to acquire and retain top technical talent, they do not place the same level of importance on building their brand, projecting their image and compellingly expressing their value.

A Business Partner Solutions Consultant provides the expertise needed to help your organization standout from the competition and rule your market.

  Business Partner Solutions Consultant – Their Value

(help you) Define & Build Your Brand
(help you) Unify & Intensify Your Social Media
(help you) Build A Meaningful Website
(help you) Create Marketing Documents
(help you) Increase Lead Generation
(help you) Turn Your Sales Department Into A Sales Team

So the next time you head into a  pre-bid vendors meeting ask yourself, “Does my organization stand out from the rest?” As you look around are you really comfortable being one of many or do you want an edge over your competitors? You may well begin to see immense value in these four words – Business Partner Solutions Consultant.

   -å lightsut company 


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